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Welcome to CustomLogoCases.com USA

We are your one-stop-shop for custom phone cases and custom tablet accessories, branded with your logo or custom design. At CustomLogoCases.com we have every case, cover and accessory that you could need for your Apple and Android phones and tablets, and we brand and customise them all with your logo or custom design. Why not make your technology stand out with your own corporate branded iPad Cases, or get your school emblem printed on protective iPad Covers. We have a large range of cases, covers and accessories for every situation, whether for in your business, your school for education, or corporate giveaways and tradeshow promotional gifts. Whatever you're looking for, we love helping fit you with the perfect product for your business, school or promotional activity, and one that will fit your budget. 

Custom iPad Cases with Logo or Custom Design

We put your logo on iPad Cases and Covers, providing you with a tailored range of options based on our extensive experience, that we think will meet your budget and workplace requirements. Want other custom accessories to go with your new iPads or Android tablets? We make stylus pens with your logo, speakers with your logo printed on them, headphones and earbuds with your logo, and much much more.

Custom iPhone Cases with Logo or Custom Design

iPhone Cases branded with logos are very popular, and at CustomLogoCases.com we have a large range for you to choose from. We also make Android SmartPhone Cases with logo imprinted on them. Whether you're looking for Samsung Galaxy Cases with your logo, iPhone Cases with your branding and many other types of phone cases, we will have one for your business. We make custom Leather iPhone Cases, Hard Cases with full custom designs, Flexible and protective TPU iPhone Cases with your logo or design and much more.

We spend every day helping provide businesses and schools with the accessories they need to protect their valuable equipment, as well as make them stand out. Our prices for cases with your logo are some of the lowest ever, and we love to help, just give us a call!

Education & School iPad & Tablet Cases

We work with schools and educational facilities of all types, and so have great experience in knowing what’s right for your school, whether a pre-school, senior school, university and more. We have worked with all types of schools and helped them select the best for suiting their needs. We know iPad Cases for schools, Android Cases for schools and any tech related accessory for schools, and we do them all with your school emblem. Currently one of our popular school iPad and Tablet accessories is the iPad Carry bag for schools. Our iPad Carry bags are also compatible with any 10” tablet. They provide protection for your iPad or Android Tablets, and also room for all your accessories, as well as some space for school diaries, books and more. We have a large range of custom iPad Carry bags that we can put your logo or school emblem on.

Corporate & Business Phone & Tablet Cases

Looking for corporate tablet and iPad cases that are just a little bit different to help your business stand out? Whether a law or accounting firm, mining or building company, we have the solution for you. Wanting your iPads to look great with your corporate branding in your office setting, we have the right cases and covers for you. Or needing some really protective cases and covers with your logo for use outdoors or on the go? We have solutions for you. Whatever the application, with our extensive experience, we can match your business with the right phone, tablet, iPad cases, covers and accessories, all with your logo, and all at very low prices.

Custom Brief Us Easily Online Right Now!

Don’t hesitate, contact us now with what you’re looking for and we will provide you a tailored solution that fits your budget and your specific activity, all without you having to leave the office. We help people all over the world, which is why we can provide the most amazing products and even better prices, contact us today to see what we can do for you!